Working at Jumbo

An employee at JUMBO but also throughout Balfin Group is seen as an added value of the company.
Working at JUMBO means to feel respected because we treat them honestly and fairly.
The opinion of employees at JUMBO is always welcome, but it goes even further, as it is taken into consideration and involved in decision making.
At JUMBO we differentiate and promote high performance, where only during the last year are counted 20 promotions at important position of the company
Faith in our employees, recognition of opinions, merits and their contribution, motivates our employees and helps them in the way of promotion and success.


The recruitment process/ Selection process

There are several stages until finding the Employee for the free vacancy.
⦿ Initially, relevant notices are created and publications where it is possible replacing vacancies with internal staff. In case when the database and internal applications do not meet the required criteria, we begin immediately with the recruitment campaign and with publications.
⦿ Human Resources advertises vacancies at the company website and on media, social networks or various online portals where is specified the deadline for the application and a minimum period during which applicants must provide the required documentation.
⦿ Collect and analyze all candidate applications.
⦿ The selection process begins with testing. As a necessary minimum are considered logical and personality tests.
⦿ If the candidates pass these tests than they get selected for an interview. At this stage, HR recommends the candidate for another interview, for employment or maintained aside for other positions that can be opened in the future in the company.
⦿ The official offer of employment gets prepared.
⦿ Employment and introducing new employees with the company and staff.

What does Jumbo offer?

JUMBO respects and strictly implements the Employment Code and all its provisions and acts, ratified in the Republic of Albania, providing full rights and freedoms for employees. Benefits depend on the category, level, and location of the job post.
⦿ JUMBO invests in its employees by developing and training them constantly.
⦿ As part of Balfin Group, employee training and professional development is the focus of Management for Human Resources. With the intention of continuous investment in professional development, JUMBO conducts various training throughout the year. All trainings are different because as well job positions are dynamic and different from one another.
⦿ When JUMBO invests in the professional development of its employees, it makes it possible for its promotion to be a continuous practice. In just one year more than 20 promotions have happened.
⦿ As a JUMBO employee, you will have the opportunity to move into a career and develop professionally by giving your contribution.